Beginning of our Journey

The story of Luxxtrendz started a year ago during summer when I found out my love for fashion and entrepreneurship. This was also when I tried purchasing a beaded bracelet and I was faced with the decision of either spending over $400 on one or to get the low-quality ones for a few bucks where they would break very fast and did not have a good customer service for their clients. That was when I found out I wasn’t going to sit around and watch when there was a big issue being ignored so I decided to start Luxxtrendz. From the start I had 3 main guidelines; Great quality, Fair Pricing, and Even better customer service, so my customers receive what they deserve, which is the best online shopping experience possible.

I Made the quality the way I would wear it my self, using the best natural stones and suppliers to make sure all our customers have an amazing experience. Also, we make all the customizable bracelets hand crafted in Canada.

For Prices I made it so it is fair to the customers because my customers are a part of my family #luxxtrendzfamily and as a guy who was raised in a fair family, I only put out what I would give to my own.

Customer service is where we shine the most because all our beaded bracelets are 100% satisfaction guaranteed, so if it breaks you can send us an email and we fix it in no time with out any charge the response time of the emails are in range of 1-5 hours. We also make sure to use break-tests and premium bands to insure all the bracelet pass the break-test, before any of the them are shipped off to our customers.

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